Development of a Guide and Training Modules on Tourism of Memory

The Slave Route Project organized a technical meeting the 11th and 12th of December 2012 at UNESCO headquarters on the elaboration of a methodological guide and trainings modules, designed for cultural actors, for the implementation and the development of the tourism of memory related to the slave trade and slavery.

This meeting brought together international experts working on the elaboration of the conceptual guide for the managers of itineraries of memory, specialists of training, operators of the tourism of memory and representatives of NGOs working on the valorization of this memory, from various regions of the world (Africa, Americas, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Europe).

This meeting permitted to (I) review the progress of work on the guide, (II) define guidelines for the preparation of training modules, (III) develop a dissemination strategy for the guide and the modules and (IV) discuss the modalities of operation of the International Network of sites of memory created in Brasilia the 22th of august.

A tour of different places related to the memory of slave trade and slavery in Paris was also organized for the attendees. This original itinerary allowed them to discover the marks left by this memory in the architectural heritage of Paris.

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