11.03.2013 - UNESCO Havana/Portal of Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean

Internal UNESCO workshop in recognition of the 8th of March

The first activity held by the UNESCO Regional Office for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean in recognition of International Women's Day was an internal workshop to raise awareness amongst all the staff in relation to ideas and concepts related to gender equality. This event was held on Friday 8 March at the Havana Office.

Gender equality is a global priority of UNESCO. Every person who works in the Organisation is obliged to be mindful of gender, and to incorporate the focus on gender in carrying out their role, in order to avoid discriminatory practices. It is therefore essential to promote notions and concepts related to the construction and socialisation of gender and to develop meaningful and effective opportunities. This is intended to improve the participation of women at all levels and to ensure gender equality in a way that cuts across all projects. Those were the objectives of the workshop.

Leire Fernández, Consultant from the Office for this theme, conducted the workshop by way of group activities which made the participants more familiar with the concepts. She also used facts, research and audiovisual materials which had been provided through the course of other training workshops that had been held in the framework of the activities of the UN System in Cuba in association with the UN Secretary-General's campaign: 'UNiTE to put an end to violence against women'.

The activities received an enthusiastic reception on behalf of the staff, who asked that similar events be held through the course of the year to share experiences and keep improving the understanding of the topic and the goal of gender equality.

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