18.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in New Delhi

Gender, Youth and Migration (GYM) - A New Web Portal is Now Online!

On the occasion of the International Migrants Day and in continuation of UNESCO’s work on internal migration, UNESCO announces the launch of an online knowledge platform on Gender, Youth and Migration (GYM), as a sub-community of practice of the Gender Community of UN Solution Exchange. The GYM initiative, supported by UNESCO, hopes to bridge the gap and link researchers, practitioners and decision makers working on gender, youth and migration in India.

Worldwide, there are 740 million internal migrants, almost 4 times as many as those who have moved internationally i.e. 214 million (UNDP 2009). Internal migration in India accounts for a large population: 326 million or 28.5 percent of the population are internal migrants (NSSO 2007-08), projected to reach 400 million (Census 2011). 70 percent of internal migrants are women (Census 2001) and about 30 percent of internal migrants belong to the youth category, i.e. between 15-29 years (Rajan 2013, Census 2001).

While research interest and policy intervention in international migration has garnered some attention, there is no dedicated ‘resource hub’ yet that promotes or brings together researchers, practitioners and decision makers working on issues of internal migration, enabling them to learn from each other and stay connected.

The GYM web page is linked to the Gender Community-UN Solution Exchange web portal, supported by UNICEF and UN Women, and provides access to over 200 resources on internal migration, gender and youth, at policy, research and case-studies level. The GYM webpage is now online and in the following months, online queries and discussions would be initiated on themes of gender, youth and internal migration in India.

GYM Web page available at: http://solutionexchange-un-gen-gym.net/

  • A one-stop “research and policy hub” on internal migration
  • Search by keyword from over 200 resources on gender, youth and migration
  • Data base of Books , Reports Research Articles and Policies
  • National and International Laws
  • Directory of Experts, Research Institutes and Organizations
  • Online Queries and Discussions
  • Upcoming events and latestnews
  • Important Web links


GYM, launched with support from UNESCO, as a sub-community of the Gender Community of Practice, UN Solution Exchange, is an online platform connecting experts, researchers, NGOs and decision makers who share a common concern on the topic of internal migration, gender and youth; tapping research and policy recommendations from India, South Asia and BRICS countries.

GYM Membership

Members can sign up for free via a membership form available on the web portal. All members will be merged under a common mailing list to create an effective and inexpensive way to collect, disseminate, and create policy relevant knowledge for better policy making; also enhance individual and organizational capacities on addressing GYM issues.

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