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Initiatives can be certified as social technology

Bank of Brazil Foundation analyses candidate projects of this year’s Social Technology Award. Fifteen of them will be awarded. The ones that respond to certification criteria, will be qualified as social technology.

This year, at least 1,011 social initiatives aiming to improve the life of Brazilians can be certified as social technology by the Bank of Brazil Foundation (BB Foundation). They were registered as candidate for the seventh edition of the BB Foundation Social Technology Award, which has the objective of identifying, certifying and awarding outstanding activities on social transformation. In this edition, the Award received registrations of projects from various parts of the country from 21 March to 21 June. The majority contemplates initiatives on Education (457), Income (219), and Environment (137).

The certification is a way to recognize the value of re-applicable products, techniques or methodologies developed on close interaction with the community representing effective solutions of social transformation. The certificate is granted by the BB Foundation in partnership with Petrobras, UNESCO and Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES). 
An example of initiative certified by BB Foundation in 2003 is Multiplano – a tool that helps on the teaching of Mathematics for people with visual deficiency from all parts of the country. In 10 years since its certification, seven thousand kits of this method were distributed to Brazilian educational institutions helping on inclusive education for youth. “The BB Foundation appraised the creation of social technology and motivated us to continue the development of the Project. The certification helped multiplying technology, organizing training courses, and acquiring teaching materials for teachers that participated in the courses,” affirms Rubens Ferronato, teacher and mentor of the method.

To be certified the candidate project in the BB Foundation Social Technology Award must have been implemented for at least one year, and it needs to contemplate at least one of the following dimensions: social protagonism, cultural respect, environmental care, and economic solidarity. Besides, it must be easily re-applicable, demonstrate effective social transformation and interaction with the community.

Once certified, the initiative is included in the Social Technology Databank (Banco de Tecnologias Sociais – BTS), an online database with information on Technologies and institutions that develop them. In six editions, the Awards has already identified and certified almost 1 thousand initiatives, 504 of which compose the online database today. The BTS is the main tool used by BB Foundation to disseminate, promote and foster the re-application of social technologies.


The certified initiatives will be announced at the website  on 20 August. The certificates will be handed from 2 to 13 September through the agencies and superintendences of Bank of Brazil. The award ceremony, which will present the 15 prize winners, will take place in Brazil in November.
The winner projects will receive R$ 80 thousand, each. This year, the news is that there  will also be a prize for the second and third places in each category (R$ 50 thousand and R$ 30 thousand, respectively). In total, there will be R$ 800 thousand destined to the improvement and re-application of the awarded social technology. Furthermore, the finalist technologies will receive an ultrabook, besides a trophy. Since its creation, the BB Foundation Social Technology Award has already invested R$ 2.4 million in prizes and the Foundation has already analysed around 5.4 thousand projects.

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