14.06.2012 - Natural Sciences Sector

Last chance to vote for the future you want !

Through the Rio Dialogues, over 10,000 participants from 203 countries generated 843 recommendations on 10 crucial sustainable development related topics.

The 100 recommendations with the most support (10 per topic) are now being submitted to a public vote until 15 June 2012 at midnight. Your vote can decide which of these recommendations are presented to the heads of states taking part in the Rio+20 conference. This is your chance to Vote for the future you want!

UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission participated actively in the Dialogues on the ocean, and recommends that we monitor and promote international coordinated research on ocean acidification and its effects on marine life and ecosystems.

Ocean acidification is a relatively new field of study. Despite advances in understanding the impacts of elevated CO2 concentrations on a wide range of marine organisms, we are still unable to make meaningful projections of impacts on marine ecosystems and fisheries as a whole, or to identify thresholds beyond which marine ecosystems may not recover. Methods must be developed to examine the full ecosystem response to multiple environmental factors.

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