16.11.2011 - UNESCOPRESS

Launch of The Women Philosophers’ Journal on World Philosophy Day 17 November

UNESCO will launch The Women Philosophers’ Journal, an online publication available in English and French, as part of this year’s celebration of World Philosophy Day, at UNESCO Headquarters on 17 November. Other events are also scheduled worldwide.

The launch will take place at 9 a.m. in Room IV during the Assembly of the UNESCO-sponsored International Network of Women Philosophers, which edits the publication.

In its first issue, Squaring the Circle, the Journal proclaims the intention of creating “a forum for writing and exchange, where women may write as freely as possible, write imagining themselves being read by women, write free from the looming gaze of an imaginary, universal, male reader (…).”

The journal is “a global experiment, aimed at doing for women what men have enjoyed for centuries, sometimes only after a hard-fought struggle, in religious institutions and richly endowed universities: to think and write without limitations, and to be read by open minds…”

The Women’s Philosophers’ Journal also provides features notices concerning internships, educational opportunities, publications, and other openings for women philosophers, doctoral students and philosophy researchers.

During Philosophy Day, UNESCO - in cooperation with academic institutions, civil society actors and other partners in the world of philosophy - will provide philosophers and the general public with a variety of conferences on different subjects including: the equitable sharing of scientific benefits, philosophical meanings of the political upheaval in the Arab world, the role and place of women philosophers in the exercise of thinking, philosophical practices with children, philosophy and equal opportunities at school.

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