12.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Publication collection promotes reflection on human rights

he collection of brochures entitled “Por uma cultura de direitos humanos”, published in Portuguese by the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil (SDH/PR) in cooperation with UNESCO Brasilia Office, presents information and thoughts that promote discussions related to the 12 groups of human rights.

These 12 groups unite attributes suggested by the Officer of High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations in its Report on Indicators for Promoting and Monitoring the Implementation of Human Rights, 2008.

The collection includes subsidies in the rights in the areas of health, adequate food, adequate housing, participation on public issues, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom and safety, just judgement, life free of violence, and not to be submitted to cruel, unhuman and degrading punishments. These 12 human right groups are recognizes and included in the United Nations document International Human Rights Instruments.

According to the Minister of SDH/PR, Maria do Rosário, the objective of publishing the collection is to continue stimulating the access to an important knowledge about human rights, especially focusing on younger generations that have not had direct contact with the political struggles that are responsible for enabling this conquer. “Besides”, she continues, “is follows the broad and rich democratic debate on social achievements that took place after the Second World War aiming continuous peace building”.

For the minister Maria do Rosário, “the role of SDH/PR is to institutionally guarantee these achievements and to promote and disseminate discussions, studies and research that can update the themes on human rights in its various faces, favouring the reading from the perspective of those who somehow have had these universal rights restricted or denied throughout history,” she affirmed in her speech during the launching event of the collection. 

All brochures of the collection Por uma Cultura de Direitos Humanos can be downloaded for free in UNESCO Brasilia Office website.

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