21.10.2013 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Raising awareness of the population in relation to waste disposal is the objective of “Limpa Brasil – Let’s do it” Campaign in Brasilia, 26 October

Limpa Brasil - Let's do it! (www.limpabrasil.org) is a movement of citizenship and care for the environment that intends to motivate the thought of changing the attitude of Brazilian citizens in relation to the bad habit of throwing garbage out of the waste basket. The Let’s do it! Movement was indicated to the 2013 United Nations Award in the Human Rights category for its civil initiative to reach a cleaner world taken place in 100 countries with the help of 8 million volunteers. The result will be announced in 10 December at UN headquarters.

On Saturday, 26 October, the Limpa Brasil – Let’s do it! Invited Brasilia citizens to participate in the great get together for collection of recyclables that will take place from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m, in 58 different places of the city: 41 schools, 12 parks and 5 subway stations (see the list with all places at www.limpabrasil.org).

The ones interested in participating in the event can do it in two ways: by delivering recyclable materials of his or her home in any of the campaign’s collecting spots, or by going to one of these spots to get a kit containing a trash bag of 100 litters and a glove to collect recyclable materials that may be incorrectly discarded anywhere in the city.  The recyclable materials collected will be donated to cooperatives of recycling material collectors in Brasilia.

In 2011 and 2012 in Brazil, there were cleaning actions in 16 cities focused on recycling education with the cooperation of UNESCO. The result was the participation of more than 117 thousand volunteers, capacity building workshops taken place in schools to more than 18 thousand teachers and public school managers, and the collection of 1.2 thousand tons of recyclable materials donated to cooperatives of recycling material collectors, generating work and income to hundreds of families.

The movement counts with the sponsorship of Avianca, the Secretariat of Culture of the Federal District, Bank of Brasilia, Caesb, Bancorbras Institute, Sindigraf DF, the Ministry of Environment in Brazil, Globo TV, the National Movement of Collectors of Recycling Material, in partnership with the national Neurobusiness, The Network (Association of Collectors of Recycling Materials), Atitude Capital Humano Organization, Boy Scouts of Brazil, the Secretariat of Education of the Federal District, Ibram, SLU, the Secretariat of Environment, the Secretariat of Health, Coordination of Cities, Metro, Calango Movement, Sustentare, and the cooperation of UNESCO.

  • More information on the event (in Portuguese)

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