18.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

The Brave is not Violent - initiative to end violence against women

© UN Women "O Valente não é violento" - a UN campaign to end violence against women.

The Brave is not Violent (O Valente não é Violento) is an initiative within the United Nations Secretary-General’s campaign “Unite to end of violence against women”, which counts on the involvement of all UN agencies. The initiative is coordinated by UN Women in Brazil (ONU Mulheres).

The initiative has the objective of stimulating the change in attitudes and behaviour of men, emphasizing the responsibility that they have to take in eliminating violence against women and girls. Thus, the Latin-American and Caribbean youth can have a life free of male violence.

The initiative invites people to rethink and to transform stereotypes. In other words, to rethink the pre-conceded ideas of social roles denominated feminine or masculine and of beliefs about what women and men should be or do.

After all, these ideas deeply rooted in our cultures are the basis of gender inequality, discrimination against women and therefore violence against them.

“The Brave is not Violent” can contribute to the eradication of damaging cultural practices and prejudicial behaviour towards women and girls generated by macho social group pressures.

The following are the main phrases of awareness:

  • The Brave does not argue, he dialogues.
  • The Brave does not hurt, not even with words.
  • The Brave knows that it is better to inspire caress than fear.
  • The Brave respects intimacy of his companion.
  • The Brave does not intimidate, he trusts.
  • The Brave shares home responsibilities.
  • The Brave respects the opinion of women.
  • The Brave never uses force.
  • The Brave says no to violence. (Source: UNIC-Rio)

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