11.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in New Delhi

The Right to the City for IHS Alumni

UNESCO conducted the opening session on - Setting the Agenda: The Right to the City in South Asia, as part of a two-week training programme from 9 – 20 December 2013.  This activity is a refresher course on “A rights based approach to resettlement, (inter)national standards and local practices”, being conducted by the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Rotterdam and the Human Settlement Management Institute (HSMI – HUDCO), for its Alumni in Delhi, to reinforce that the right to fair resettlement practices and formulation of resettlement policies should be in the wider framework of the right to the city. 

UNESCO's publication - Urban Policies and the Right to the City in India, Rights Responsibilities and Citizenship was launched in 2011. It serves as an advocacy tool to promote a rights-based approach to urbanization in India.  It is a compendium of research and policy recommendations that provides a solid reference point for policy makers at a local level, as well as a basis for the exchange of knowledge between researchers, city professionals and local authorities on building socially inclusive cities. 

More information is also available at: http://www.ihs.nl/

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Contact: Marina Faetanini, Chief, Social and Human Sciences 

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