08.08.2013 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

UNESCO’s Solidary Note to AfroReggae Cultural Group and its coordinator Jose Junior

Due to increasing threats and attempts to AfroReggae Cultural Group UNESCO publically reinforces its solidarity. AfroReggae has been outstanding in its 20 years of work promoting culture and social inclusion, not only in Rio de Janeiro but also increasingly implementing national and international projects originated by and committed to valuing the culture of peace.

UNESCO has worked with AfroReggae since the year 2000. Innumerous successful projects in the áreas of violence prevention, conflict mediation and youth valuing have been taken into action through this partnership. The work of AfroReggae group has demonstrated an enormous potential to transform lives and to empower people positively changing life trajectories.
Today, UNESCO reminds the preamble of its Constitution established in 1945: “"since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed". We hope that the interests of drug traffic and crime organizations do not stop the voices of those engaged in social change and in a collective dream, which is building peace and life with equal opportunities to all.

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