The activities of UNESCO’s “Youth Development and Violence Prevention” Programme focus on creating better opportunities for the social integration of youth in implementing countries.

Main activities are:

  • The implementation of best practices in the area of Education such as the “Open Schools” Program, which seeks to bring adolescents from marginalized urban contexts closer to the school environment. Further information on the “Open School Programme” [PDF, 1.92 MB]
  • The creation of alternative spaces for the expression of young people’s creativity;
  • Vocational training for youth, aimed at providing young people with entrepreneurial skills and supporting the creation of micro-enterprises;
  • Capacity building for teachers and counselors dealing with youth at risk of involvement in gangs;
  • The support of “Youth for Youth” communication campaigns and the strengthening of local radio stations, television channels and websites, to spread a more balanced image of youth within the communities;
  • Supporting and improving existing national policies for youth and projects in municipalities.
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