High Level Forum of Ministers and Policy Makers in charge of Youth Issues

Taking into account the transnational nature of the phenomenon, UNESCO is working to build a cooperation network between the Central American countries to spread a culture of prevention in the region.

UNESCO is currently supporting the institutionalization of a High-Level Forum of Ministers and policy makers in charge of youth issues (e.g. education, culture, and youth) to promote sharing of knowledge, best practices and concerns about violence prevention and youth development policies, within the framework of an open dialogue. It may also facilitate horizontal cooperation.

The first High Level Forum of Central American Ministers and policy-makers in the area of youth issues was held in San José, Costa Rica, from 24 to 25 August 2007. It was oriented to support the development of “a Culture of Prevention”. All the participants agreed that the Forum was a success.

The second meeting, which is planned to take place in San José, Costa Rica, in August 2009, will concentrate on the “institutionalization of public programs of youth violence prevention”, and should lead to a Common Declaration establishing Prevention and Youth Development as higher priorities within the public policies tackling youth violence.

Finally, the Forum will seek to establish sustainable links with the Youth Observatory for Central America hosted by the Guatemala Project, in cooperation with UNESCO’s MOST Programme, to strengthen the links between public policies and academic research on this issue, and therefore support the development of more effective interventions based on serious studies. Within this framework, a collection of policy briefs on the issue of “Prevention of Youth Organized Violence” is planned to be available soon in the MOST Tool.

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