Dominican Republic

A UNESCO Project on Youth Development and Violence Prevention for the Dominican Republic has been approved by UNESCO's Director-General. A Technical Mission was held in October 2008 in order to identify the local actors. The project’s agreement will be signed in 2009.

The Project will operate in 4 schools in Santo Domingo, selected for their direct relationship with pupils and local community, and for their compliance with the “Democratic Security Plan” and the “Safe Neighborhood” Program.

The Project will have 3 components:

  • Component A: The project’s main purpose is the reproduction of the UNESCO Brazilian Open School program in the Dominican Republic, benefiting 12,500 young people from the selected schools and 800 adults from the surrounding community.
  • Component B: 600 professionals also benefit from training and capacity building activities.
  • Component C: The creation of a Communication Campaign involving young people and strengthening alternative communication networks to promote a balanced vision of youth within the society.


Project Title:

Youth Development and Prevention of Violence in the Dominican Republic.

Institution in charge:

UNESCO Office in San José, Costa Rica, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and Police, the Ministry of Education, and with the participation of the Ministry of Labor and other national and non-governmental institutions.

UNESCO Sector:
Inter-sectoral Working Group (Education, Culture, Communication and Information, Social and Human Sciences)

USD$214.938 - Japanese Fund In Trust (JFIT)

Implementation period:
2009- 2010

Project Officer:
Teresita Escotto Quesada (UNESCO Office in San José)

For further information, please contact:

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