The “Retejoven” project in Guatemala operates in the region of Izabal, selected because of its development possibilities. The Project operative offices are located in Puerto Barrios. The Project seeks to impact at least 50% of Izabal’s young people.

The Project specifically plans to implement public policies concerning violence prevention, reinforce knowledge of youth issues, and build entrepreneurial and social communication for young people in Guatemala. Furthermore, it foresees the creation and implementation of a Youth Observatory for the Central American Region.

The Project has 4 components:

  • Component 1: Participation. Improve the direct involvement of Youth - trained in communication, citizen participation and issues related to Leadership - in public responsibilities and the community life organization;
  • Component 2: Communication. Develop interactions and synergies between the existing local youth networks and the operative youth networks in the other Central American countries;
  • Component 3: Entrepreneurial initiatives. Create and make operative spaces and structures for training, intermediation, and orientation and professional insertion by boosting youth entrepreneurial initiatives within the framework of a strategic vision to support the territorial economic development;
  • Component 4: Youth Observatory. Planning and implementation of the Youth Observatory with a regional scope, managed and directed by Central American young people and dedicated to promoting culture-related activities and to generating social and work education opportunities.


Project Title:

“Retejoven”, Prevention of Violence and Youth Development in Guatemala. 

Institution in charge:

UNESCO Office in Guatemala in cooperation with the National Council of Youth, the “Mi Primer Empleo” Program, the Presidential Commission for the Coordination of the Executive Action addressing Human Rights; the youth movement “Paz Joven” within the framework of its “Municipalidades amigas de la Paz” decentralized Program, the Youth Violence Prevention Unit, the Human Rights State Prosecution, and the Defense Structure for Youth and Teenagers.

UNESCO Sector:
Inter-sectoral Working Group (Education, Culture, Communication and Information, Social and Human Sciences)

USD$983.632, Italian Cooperation

Implementation period:
2008-2009 (13 months)

Project Officer:
Director of UNESCO Office in Guatemala

National Coordinator:
Barbara Franchini

Observatory Coordinator:
Victor Moscoso

For further information, please contact:
Barbara Franchini, b.franchini(at)

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