Supporting the capacity-building of youth organizations

Strengthening the capacity of young people and their organizations to participate as equal partners in development is one of the main objectives of UNESCO’s action with and for youth.

  • Joint Programme ‘Supporting the capacity-building of youth organizations in Cameroon’
    A new partnership between the World Bank, UNESCO and the International Organization of the Francophonie seeks to meet the capacity-building needs of youth organizations in Cameroon through an integrated programme comprising a mapping of stakeholders in the field of youth, the provision of training to youth organizations and national authorities and technical assistance linked to the establishment of a National Youth Council.

    This initiative is anchored in the current efforts undertaken by the Government of Cameroon, supported by a range of development partners, to develop and implement an integrated national youth policy and to enhance the participation of young people in decision-making at all levels.

    As part of this cooperation, UNESCO will take the lead in developing an integrated workshop programme enhancing communication and cooperation between young people and different stakeholders of the youth sector in Cameroon.

  • UNESCO – World Bank Partnership ‘Mapping of youth organizations in Latin America’
    In 2004, UNESCO teamed up with the World Bank with a view to developing a mapping of youth and student organizations in nine countries of Latin America. This research project aimed at establishing a comprehensive inventory of youth-led and youth-servicing organizations in the region, their specific fields of expertise and, most importantly, their needs in terms of further capacity-development.



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