Inter-Agency Cooperation

  • UN DESA, with the support of UNESCO, organized the first ever Meeting of the UN Heads of Youth Programmes, at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, from 18 to 19 February 2010. The meeting formalised the Interagency Network on Youth Development, which brings together more than 20 UN entities working on youth and which was created in an effort to better coordinate UN work on youth development and to strengthen collaborative action. UNESCO was selected to co-chair the Network in the first year (March 2010 - February 2011), alongside the UN Programme on Youth at UN DESA which is the permanent co-chair.
  • As the co-chair of the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development until February 2011, UNESCO has worked hand in hand with the UN Programme on Youth to support UN coordination and advocacy for the celebration of the Year.

    Significant outputs of the Network to date include:
    - the joint statement by Heads of UN entities for the launch of the International Year of Youth (12 August 2010) [PDF, 1 MB];
    - 14 media fact sheets on different areas affecting youth development; a number of advocacy missions and initiatives;
    - a first ever Report of the UN Secretary-General on the Implementation of the World Programme of Action or Youth: United Nations system coordination and collaboration related to youth;
    - coordination of UN input to and development of joint workshops in major events, including the 5th World Youth Congress (Turkey, July-August 2010) and the World Youth Conference (Mexico, August 2010);
    - UN System representation in meetings and key events;
    - technical backstopping and advocacy for the development of regional interagency networks/task groups on youth.

    This cooperation has proved particularly important during the preparations of the World Youth Conference (Mexico, August 2010) where UNESCO co-facilitated the UN input to the Conference including the UN consolidated comments on the Final Declaration. This has resulted in the Final Declaration expressing a strong support for the Network and requesting a “the United Nations General Assembly to recognize, strengthen and mandate the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development to asses and follow up existing declarations, commitments structures and mechanisms specific to young people ...”.
  • UNESCO and the UN Alliance of Civilisations have jointly developed a media factsheet for the International Year of Youth on the ‘Role of youth in promoting intercultural understanding’. The factsheet is a tangible example of an effort to link the International Year of Youth and the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures.
  • UNESCO is also currently partnering with the UN Programme on Youth, UNICEF and Leonard Cheshire Disability for the development of a technical paper on youth with disabilities.
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