Key Objectives: what types of initiatives does the Strategy foresee?

UNESCO is not acting alone in this Strategy. We’re calling on all relevant stakeholders to work together in putting the Strategy into practice, so that actions are aligned and focused on the following common strategic goals:

Strengthen knowledge of and promote research on youth issues in Africa.

  • Develop knowledge on the situation of youth in Africa
    • Comprehensive studies on key issues affecting youth in Africa, including key data and successful experiences.
    • Policy papers and briefs on challenges affecting youth.
  • Strengthen research capacities on youth
    • Increase cooperation with academic institutions to promote research programmes both about and by youth.
    • Develop UNESCO Chairs and Institutes on youth-related issues in African universities.
    • Support the creation of regional academic networks involving young researchers.

Foster the development of policies and frameworks to address youth issues, in line with the provisions of the African Youth Charter

  • Support the ratification and implementation of the African Youth Charter
    • Kickstart a regional campaign for the ratification and implementation of the African Youth Charter.
    • Develop or review  policies affecting youth in line with the provisions of the African Youth Charter, with the participation of youth.
    • Create opportunities for policy dialogue between policy-makers, researchers and youth organizations, in support of the Charter’s implementation.

Promote youth participation in decision-making, youth civic engagement and social inclusion

  • Develop representative and inclusive structures for young people to take part in decision-making
    • Train staff and organize regional consultations with youth organizations to strengthen the Pan African Youth Union and consolidate regional networks of youth.
    • Support the establishment or review of National Youth Councils.
  • Provide skills development for constructive youth engagement at community level
    • Build capacities and strengthen access to networks, mentoring and funding processes to support youth-led social innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.
    • Provide skills development opportunities for young women and men through community centers, focusing particularly on vulnerable and marginalized youth.
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