UNESCO and Youth - Strategy

Civic engagement, democratic participation and social innovation

This area of work focuses on the relationship between young people and their societies. It emphasizes the processes through which young women and men take on their rights and responsibilities as active citizens and engage in their communities. This could be through volunteering, working with youth organizations, leading social projects, innovation or entrepreneurship, participating in youth media, and engaging in decision-making processes. UNESCO works to support youth-led organizations and initiatives in these areas as a key strategy for multiple benefits: inclusion, dialogue, democratic engagement, the eradication of poverty, violence/conflict prevention, and reconciliation. 

What does this mean for young women and men? 

  • Policies and programmes promoting inclusive youth civic engagement are developed at national and local levels.
  • Improved youth participation in democratic processes in countries in transition.
  • There are more opportunities and incentives for youth organizations to design and implement projects contributing to sustainable livelihoods, community development, violence prevention and a culture of peace.

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