UNESCO and Youth - Strategy

Policy formulation and review with the participation of youth

Policy on youth provides the building blocks that determine the position of young people in societies, directly affecting their well-being across every aspect of life, from education to employment, from social development to democratic representation, scientific research, business creation, culture, sports, communication and health. UNESCO provides extensive expertise in these areas to assist in and support the formulation, review and implementation of youth policies.

Yet a youth policy can be neither pertinent nor efficient without the active participation of young women and men themselves in this process. Thus, UNESCO works to guarantee their participation and enable constructive dialogue among policy makers, young people and other stakeholders involved in the development of youth policies.

What does this mean for young women and men? 

  • Young people participate actively in the design, adoption and implementation of inclusive and transversal public policies on youth.
  • A wider and more diverse audience of young people engages in policy-making through more inclusive and representative national youth-led entities. 
  • Youth concerns and youth participation processes are better integrated into other public policies affecting youth (e.g. in the areas of education, culture, social development etc.)

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