18.10.2011 - Youth Drive Change - UNESCO Youth Forum 2011

Change as it should be – Arab States

Some people mistakenly think that they cannot change the world.

You can hear the familiar phrase "come on, you are not going to change the world" but this arises one question how you think the world will change toward more democratic, equal, and tolerable one if you are not even trying.

Today my interview with Valente Viverous has inspired me a lot.

This Mexican guy with his chair decided to come here to see the change happening. As a volunteer in UNESCO's 7th Youth Forum, he spoke up about change with this enthusiastic tone saying "We can not think about change without thinking about others' perspectives about life”.

Maybe most people believe that in order to create peaceful dialogue, we should put our differences aside. He has some unique opinions concerning this, he pointed out before this step, we should know what those differences are about and why. It would be in vain to close our eyes and see others' differences as if they were odd.

Now the world is moving more speedily than anyone could imagine. Who thought that dictatorial regimes can be toppled after long years of ruling their countries, when most people didn't even dare to criticize the regime in public in order not to be arrested. But actually you are the ones who give those people in power their power.

You elect them, and without your votes they won't be able to make it to be policy makers. And also without them, they are not going to be re-elected if they disappointed those who gave them this power and have the power to send them to court if they abused this power.

Power is the key to change but also it tends to be temporary privilege for those people in power. Nevertheless the power you get when believing in yourself is permanent and going to change your whole life once you believe in what you can do!

So will you wait for change or go and search for it? It's your opportunity.

Nothing that has stopped this young Mexican guy not even his disability, rather it has empowered him.

What about you?

This article was written by one of the Youth Bloggers of the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum. The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of UNESCO.

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