18.10.2011 - Youth Drive Change - UNESCO Youth Forum 2011

Dirty Hands Résumé – Italy

250 delegates in Paris, participating in the 7th Youth Forum organized by UNESCO and ready to do their part in the diplomatic world. But is there anything besides all this words? Yes, this is our hypothesis and what we would like to discover. Dirty Hands are the hands of these young people coming from all over the world: dirty because involved, dirty because just a hand willing to touch concretely the reality can change the world.

Villy Baka and Eleanna Semitelou are coming from Greece and they are here our first interviewed for the series DIRTY HANDS, or “people who are doing something concrete even if the world is like crapping down and dying slowly”. Too pessimistic? Not at all, these people have still big smiles and so much energy. Their project is an exhibition for artists in Athens, trying a way to let them express even in the economic crisis time. Their choice was between: not doing something just because there is no money and to do it as well. Guess what they did?


This article was written by one of the Youth Bloggers of the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum. The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of UNESCO.

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