19.10.2011 - Youth Drive Change - UNESCO Youth Forum 2011

Don’t just drive a change but also maintain it!

As an Egyptian blogger, change in Egypt might not be going as smoothly as one might think. Since revolution has erupted. People cannot anymore stay silent about ongoing incidents, and each single topic creates a big debate.

And they are not blamed for this as much as they are blamed for not trying to unite together as one nation. Egypt now is experiencing a very critical phase where there is extreme willingness to express their points of view. The story seems to be making sense when you see that these differences as bubbles that have been suppressed in bottom for more than thirty years. And now you witness the cumulative outcome that will usually happen after any a period of dictation like the one Egypt was facing in addition to many other Arab countries. The question is how to bring a change about this conflict that has arisen after people were united in the square before. Those conflicting opinions can easily dissipate what have been done.

So I’ve found that it’s not only important to drive change but to maintain the outcome of the change you have made. Not paying enough attention on the work you have done will make it fade out if not vanishing it. Youth in the 7th Youth Forum are really want to make a change and to speak up in the forum but here is the spark, you should really think how to turn this change into applicable plans. As it would be pointless talking about change without letting it happen. Or waiting for an institution to drag you to be part of the day by day changing world, you should search yourself and once you believe in your abilities, you will be extremely surprised to see how the process will go smoothly.

By Hend Sallam

This article was written by one of the Youth Bloggers of the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum. The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of UNESCO.

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