18.10.2010 - UNESCO Social and Human Sciences

Fact sheet on the Role of Youth in Fostering Dialogue and Mutual Understanding

Embodying the core message of the International Year of Youth, the crucial role of youth in fostering dialogue and mutual understanding is increasingly recognized within the global development agenda.

In the framework of the International Year of Youth and the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures, UNESCO and the UN Alliance of Civilizations have  joined efforts to develop a fact sheet which recognizes this untapped potential and the need to look into it both as a rights’ issue and as an opportunity for a number of sectors, affecting not only youth development, but positively impacting society at all levels.

The fact sheet was developed on behalf of the UN Interagency Network on Youth Development to raise awareness on the role of youth in fostering dialogue and understanding. It is available online for all youth-related stakeholders and  provides an overview of the issue as well as the variety of areas and sectors that link directly with it. It highlights the UN System’s work so far, successful experiences, achievements and progress. It also identifies key priorities for further investment and stronger commitment in the future.

Download the Fact Sheet [PDF, 388 KB]


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