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The talent of young people of the North Triangle joins to raise solutions through the TIC to the violence that the region faces

The First Regional Hackathon for the prevention of youth violence, HackCR3A, has been developed within the framework of the UNESCO project for the use of ICT for the Prevention of Youth Violence in the Northern Triangle of Central America, entitled "Reduce extreme violence of young people through the use of ICT in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras".

El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras were the hosts countries during October and November of 2018 of the First Regional Hackathon for the Prevention of Youth Violence in the Northern Triangle of Central America (NTCA); organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Youth Against Violence Guatemala (JCV) and CREA Consultants El Salvador; with the support of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID).

HackCR3A opened a multidisciplinary space where technology and innovation were linked with the purpose of proposing solutions to one of the social problems that most affect those countries. With the support of more than 30 organizations, government institutions, companies, media and think tanks, the empowerment and leadership of young people in the prevention of violence has been encouraged and they developed technological solutions for such prevention, from different perspectives and approaches.

During 108 hours of work, innovation, creativity and exchange were promoted with mentors, experts and members of communities in vulnerable zones to integrate their experiences and needs, with the development of solutions to violence that more than 100 participants from the region worked on. The 26 proposals presented by the different teams focused on issues related to citizenship, labor and education; public services; gender violence, sexual harassment and abuse; complaint culture; social audit processes, among others.

The finalists of each country, in addition to contributing through their proposals to prevent violence in the region, competed for cash prizes that will serve as seed capital to promote the development of their proposals and offer tools for the prevention of violence to different levels of government, civil society and private entities innovative.

Of the six finalist teams -2 from each country- evaluated by four regional juries, three were the winners of the Regional Hackathon for the prevention of youth violence, HackCR3A:


Team: FlyKey

Country: Honduras

Description: Custom keyboard, downloadable from the Google Play Store for Android devices, which will generate a library of positive memes (jpg, gif) in order to reduce the use of the same resources for mockery and bullying.


Team: Tunumen + Q'i

Country: Guatemala

Description: Platform that seeks to solve the problem of waste of human potential in the penitentiary system and the danger of recidivism of those who have been in the system and that do not have the necessary tools to be able to resocialize once they are free. The proposal involves a holistic process of facilitation of ideas and initiatives of the inmates once they leave the system. Based on their ideas, the general public will have the possibility to provide feedback and canalize resources to the ideas in order to be carried out. It will also serve to monitor the achievements and successes of the inmates, generating a curriculum verified by blockchain for them to use when seeking reintegration into the labor market.


Team: Sé Libre

Country: El Salvador

Description: Platform designed for organizations that work with women at risk of violence or who, unfortunately, are already victims. The platform aims to be a communication centralizing channel so that users can enter and obtain counseling and referrals of services, depending on the type of violence to which they are vulnerable. This will happen through a questionnaire with quick questions by means of a chatbot when entering the platform. This, at the end of the test, refers the user to a qualified person to continue the process.

HackCR3A will continue to be a dynamic space where innovation, technology, collaboration and action meet to transform our region.

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We invite you to meet the regional finalists of # HackCR3A Results HACKR3A

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