18.10.2011 - Youth Drive Change - UNESCO Youth Forum 2011

How to save a lost generation

One of the plagues of our generation: youth unemployment.

“The risk is that you will be the lost generation”. These words may sound discouraging, especially if used by Gianni Rosas, the Coordinator of Youth Employment Program at the ILO (International Labour Organisation).

He is the expert called by UNESCO to speak at the 7th Youth Forum, about one of the more difficult themes concerning our present. Rosas arrived with a brand new update of the “Global employments trends for youth”, which sadly says that 75 million young people in the world are without a job. In front of these shocking numbers all parties have to try to react. “The main problem”, has said Mr Rosas, “is that this generation is giving up hope and this is a terrible consequence. They just do not expect to find a job anymore”.

But Mr Rosas has come not only to give a negative bulletin, but also to propose solutions: a good education plan and well-focused practical experiences are the main ingredients presented by the expert. “Our update”, affirmed Gianni Rosas, “would like to warn countries and to force them to do something: it is important to transform theory into practice before it is too late”.

by Martina Castigliani

This article was written by one of the Youth Bloggers of the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum. The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of UNESCO.

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