22.11.2018 - UNESCO Montevideo Office

UNESCO presented a document for Central American governments to better use data in their youth violence prevention policies

On November 1, 2018, UNESCO presented the document entitled "How data and ICTs can be effective allies to prevent youth violence in the Northern Central American countries" (Policy Brief UNESCO), during the implementation of the Regional Hackathon for the prevention of youth violence -HACKCR3A- in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

This contribution was made within the framework of the project "Prevention of youth violence through Communication and Information Technologies (ICT) in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras", developed by UNESCO, with funding from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation - AECID. The document was in charge of the Italian expert on data and policies to combat violence, Aldo Magoga. With this document, UNESCO contributes to strengthening the capacities of governments to use ICT more efficiently and within a framework of respect for Human Rights.

This policy brief, offers an analysis that interweaves the public security and violence prevention policies with the opportunities offered by the ICT and the data analysis sciences. Using illustrative examples, it highlights how public policies that seek more efficient formulas to prevent violence, can gain in quality by making more intensive and strategic use of computational tools. Additionally, the text makes an important warning about the care that must be taken to develop policies that are consistent with international Human Rights standards.



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