18.10.2011 - Youth Drive Change - UNESCO Youth Forum 2011

UNESCO Youth Forum Post #1 - USA

Delegates in training and information sessions during the pre-day for delegates of the Youth Forum. © UNESCO / Andrew Burton

A few weeks ago I received an email from an old editor suggesting I apply to be a participant in the 7th UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Youth Forum in Paris. They were looking for 10 young journalists (defined as journalists under 30 years old) to represent various regions of the world (Europe-North America Africa, Arab States, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean).

Well, I applied, and after a few emails, a phone interview and some schedule re-arrangements, I was off to Paris for a week. I've since arrived, met the nine other young journalists (Ali from Lebanon, Hend from Egypt, Martina from Italy, Doudou from The D.R. Congo, Miguel from Chile, Laura from Cuba/now living in Mexico, Kounila from Cambodia, Rajneesh from Nepal and Jennifer from Nigeria) and am happy to start reporting on what is occurring. The team is incredibly versatile and insanely talented. Miguel (from Chile) is a film producer and has worked with 60 Minutes, the BBC and MTV. Ali is a blogger and activist (from Beirut), and was named one of the top-10 most influential bloggers in Beirut. And Rajneesh (from Nepal) Kantipur T.V. in Nepal, has traveled around the world following stories in Congo, Philippines, Thailand and India. When he isn't working for Nepalese TV, he freelances for the L.A. Times.

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This article was written by one of the Youth Bloggers of the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum. The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of UNESCO.

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