31.08.2018 - UNESCO Montevideo Office

Y20 Summit: recommendations for G20 leaders Córdoba, Argentina

In the framework of the G20 process hosted in 2018 by Argentina, UNESCO supported the Y20 Summit (Youth Engagement Group for the G20), organized by youth-led organizations EIDOS and AIESEC, from the 12th to the 17th of August in Cordoba, Argentina.

The Summit had two main outcomes. In the first place, the young delegates presented a set of public policy recommendations for the G20 Leader’s Summit in December. Secondly, the Y20 announced the Social Innovation Warehouse (SIW), an international bank of scalable and replicable projects designed by young people as input for governments and organizations seeking to innovate their public policies for young people. The SIW was developed by the young participants during the Summit.

Ms. Lidia Brito, Regional Director of UNESCO for Latin America and the Caribbean, participated in the Summit as keynote speaker during the discussion on "How international cooperation really works (and what we can do about it)?” She exchange views with young participants and made a call for youth action for a better world.

Since its creation in 2010, the Y20 has been reuniting youth from all over the G20 territories (and associate countries) to debate and deliver recommendations regarding some of the most pressing issues in the global agenda (such as education, employment, future of work and sustainability).

This year, with the support of organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNIDO, and ASHOKA (among others), Y20 brought together 46 young official delegates from G20 States and over 30 other young people from +23 countries.

These special guests were selected based on their outstanding profiles and experience in social innovation (including UNESCO young guests). The debate was based on 4 main issues regarding youths future: Future of Work, Skills for Education for the XXI Century, Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship.

In line with this years slogan “Shaking the Present, Building the Future”, the goal was making 2018 a landmark, empowering the delegates and special guests to finish the year with the creation of the Social Innovation Warehouse, - the first international youth project bank -, proving that it’s not only a matter of raising the voices of the young people but also showing that they have the power (and are working) to make a real impact worldwide.

UNESCO is also supporting Argentina in the G20 process, with the Think Tanks Engagement Group (T20) and the Education Working Group (EdWG).

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