03.09.2018 - UNESCO Montevideo Office

Youth and Violence in Central America: youtubers as promoters of values for peace building and violence prevention

The authorities of the National Institute of Youth (INJUVE) from El Salvador, held the ninth edition of Juventour 2018, the past 24 and 25 August. Juventour is the largest official effort that annually brings together young people from all over the country, which on this occasion had the motto "El Salvador sos vos" (meaning The Savior –El Salvador in Spanish- is you), bringing the Salvadoran youth population closer to the services provided by state institutions, international organizations and NGOs in areas such as education, health, culture, art, employment, employability, entrepreneurship, security, sports and youth participation.

In this framework, the UNESCO project Reducing extreme violence of young people through the use of ICT, which is carried out in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras with the support of AECID, held a Hub with Youtubers to discuss how they can contribute in the construction of peace and the prevention of youth violence in the country. The general theme of this hub was: youth and new technologies for peacebuilding.

The conversations of the Youtubers and Influencers with the young participants of the Juventour took place with the intermediation of the Program Specialist of Social and Human Sciences of the UNESCO Office in San José (Costa Rica), Juan Pablo Ramírez, who served as mediator between the youtubers and the participating young audience.

On Friday, August 24 in the afternoon, we spoke with Andrés Díaz, youtuber, creator, entrepreneur and producer. Among his creations, stand out: "Capitán Centroamérica" y "Mortal Combat salvadoreño", in addition to viralize many sketches, such as "My Tata is a Puppet." He also directs his creation company PuyaEstudio, same name of his YouTube channel.

Saturday 25 in the morning, we were with the youth leader and influencer Sara García Gross, who is a human rights defender and feminist activist, as well as a psychologist with a specialty in gender. Sara participates in various spaces and groups for the defense of human rights and has been an expositor in several feminist forums around the world.

Andrés stressed that "youtubers can not only generate content to entertain, but at the same time humor can serve to generate positive values for the construction of peace." On the other hand, Sara emphasized the strategic nature of the networks in order to "raise awareness and involve more people in the struggle for the defense of human rights, especially those of women, thus enhancing their voices."

The hub was held in a youthful environment, marked by music, technology and art, reaching young people from all over the country, who come together every year in the Juventuor.

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