Back to School Campaign

© UNESCO, Iraq, 2013

Budget (US$): 14,955
Source: UNESCO
Dates: November 2013/Completed
Beneficiaries: Syrian children and youth in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

On 13 November 2013, UNESCO in partnership with UNICEF, UNHCR and and  in collaboration with the Kurdistan Regional Government and partnering NGOs launched a new “Back to School” campaign to encourage Syrian children to enroll in schools so they can avoid the forced educational disruption.

The campaign aims to provide a safe and protective learning environment as well as refurbished and rehabilitated existing schools to support Syrian refugees in camps and urban locations.

Most Syrian children and youth arrived in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq at a time in 2012-13 when the academic year had already progressed. As a result most have not enrolled in school.

However, the Kurdistan Regional Government has requested all schools in the Kurdistan Region to register Syrian refugee children and youth at any time during the academic year.

A lack of space in Arabic schools is another obstacle to enrollment of Syrian school age refugees, and the UN and its partners are working on expanding educational facilities.

According to refugee families residing in the Kurdistan Region, the distance to school as well as the uncertainty about their future is common reason for lack of enrollment of Syrian children.

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