Literacy and Life Skills Training Support for Refugees and IDPs

© UNESCO, Iraq

Budget (US$): 600,000
Dates: May 2013/Completed
Beneficiaries: Syrian youth and IDPs in the Kurdistan Region

In the field of non-formal education, UNESCO and UNHCR launched the Education and Life Skills Training Support Programme, a project that aimed to improve the education and livelihood conditions of vulnerable Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Syrian refugees located in the Kurdistan Region, Mosul and Kirkuk.

The project targeted over 1,000 vulnerable refugees and IDPs within northern Iraq.

Within the framework of this joint initiative, in October 2013 UNESCO launched an Entrepreneurship Training Course that provided 75 youth, chosen by UNHCR according to UNESCO criteria, with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes that qualify them to self-manage micro-businesses, and to better cope with today's employment market.

UNESCO has also targeted over 300 Syrian refugees within Domiz Camp in Dohuk and Al Obeidy Camp in Anbar Province with literacy and life skills interventions using core funding.

In September of 2013, UNESCO launched another project, in coordination with UNOCHA’s Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), focusing on providing literacy classes, informal vocational training courses and education on early childhood development and parenting skills to 1,200 Syrian refugees within Kurdistan. The project is ongoing within Dara Shakran and Kawergosk Camps in Erbil and Arbat Camp in Suleimaniyeh.

UNESCO is currently concluding the construction of safe, quality learning spaces within the camp structure in order to provide these vital courses and classes are due to start in March of 2014.

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