Three Secondary Schools for Syrian Refugees

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Construction of three Secondary Schools for Syrian refugees in Domiz, Dara Shakran and Kawergosk  Camps, and Teacher Training for all schools

Budget (US$): 243,987
Source: Emergency Relief Fund (ERF)
Dates: February 2014/Completed
Beneficiaries: Syrian children, youth and teachers in the Domiz and Dara Shakran Camps

UNESCO is co-financing the construction of three secondary schools in Domiz and Dara Shakran Camps for 1,000 students, and providing teacher training in the three schools with funds mobilized through the Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) and Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF).

On 4 March, 2014 UNESCO and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) officially opened the Derek Secondary School, the first secondary school for Syrian refugees in Domiz Camp in Duhok.

With its nine classrooms, a library, a science laboratory, administration rooms and water and hygiene facilities, and the capacity to host 600 students, the new school offers a direct and very efficient response to the educational needs of Syrian youth in the camp.  It also constitutes a medium-term solution to providing quality formal education through certified teachers selected from the residents of the camp, and trained by UNESCO on modern academic methodologies and psychological support.

In February 2014 UNESCO concluded the first teacher training in Domiz camp in Dohuk. Attended by 25 teachers chosen by the Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) from the Syrian refugee population in Domiz camp, the training was successfully conducted by UNESCO experts from 8 to 13 February 2014 within the camp premises. 

Teachers received training in teaching skills, pedagogy, active learning, child-friendly teaching approaches and the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) minimum standards in education. These activities aim to promote the psychosocial wellbeing of students and improve the teaching skills of teachers who are from the camps and serving within the camps.

This is the first step in a series of activities that will be held within the framework of UNESCO's emergency response for quality education.

UNESCO plans to broaden its involvement through the establishment of additional secondary schools focusing in particular on the training of teachers, the organization of catch up classes for out-of-school children and the expansion of ICT and entrepreneurship courses for youth.

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