Information Centers for Syrian Youth in the North of Jordan

© UNESCO, Jordan

Budget (US$): 110,304
Source: Regionally Finland-funded project
Dates: December 2013/Ongoing
Beneficiaries: Displaced Syrian and Jordanian youth and educators in Al Mafraq area (North of Jordan)

The project aims at establishing Youth Information Centers that assist displaced Syrian youth, Jordanian youth and young women in particular, through enhanced information flows, provision of non-formal education, social and economic services.

Under a regional Finland-funded project, the first Youth Information Center (YIC) under this project is being set in a school in Al Mafraq area (North of Jordan), where over half of the nearly 2,000 pupils are displaced Syrians.

The YIC will include two computer labs and a library and will provide training on Internet and social media tools and the use of information technology for job search and communication.

UNESCO will hold a training of trainers (TOT) workshop for all teachers at the school with the aim of introducing scientific research, online search for information, and internet literacy.

The bidding process for the electronic equipment and furniture has kicked off, and a soft opening is planned for March 2014 once the equipment has been installed. The main launch event, will take place in summer 2014.

Provided funding is available, UNESCO may duplicate the activity in the Zaatari refugee camp in an existing UNESCO youth caravan.


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