Al Sa’aa Surria (the Syrian Hour) Radio Program

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Promoting Freedom of Expression and Information for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Budget (US$): 453,893
Source: Sweden (3 initial months for 21 500$), UNFPA (3 months extension for 21 460$), Japan (1 year extension for $ 453 893)
Dates: November 2012-December 2014/Completed
Beneficiaries: Syrian refugees in urban areas in the northern and central Jordan and Jordanian youth in host communities

UNESCO Office in Amman promotes freedom of expression and supports access to information of Syrian refugees in Irbid, Mafraq, Amman and Zarqa governorates by disseminating lifesaving information about available services, and providing counseling and psychosocial support through radio programmes broadcast on Yarmouk FM (in Irbid) and Farah al Nas (in Amman) community Radios.

The project was first launched in November 2012 within covering Irbid and Mafraq areas through funding from Sweden over a period of three months.

However, as the project proved very much needed, UNFPA provided funding for a three-month extension. During that period, thanks to funding from the Government of Japan, UNESCO was able to get approval for a one-year extension with a wider outreach, targeting Syrian refugees in urban settings  and Jordanian youth with the aim of further promoting mutual understanding between both communities.

On February 24, 2014, the third season of the UNESCO “Sa’a Suriya” radio programme was launched in Irbid, implemented in cooperation with “Un Ponte Per” (NGO) and funded by the Government of Japan.

Each episode of the programme covers a different topic among a variety of priorities such as Education, Health, Legal, Psychosocial, Labor, Water and Food security. Experts on the topics will be hosted during the episodes, and Syrian refugees in host communities participate through reportages and phone-calls on air.

Main activities:

·         Broadcasting/On Air: giving voice to the Syrian refugee community by providing an information sharing and communication platform through specifically dedicated radio programmes;

·         Youth engagement: the involvement and active participation of Jordanian and Syrian youth, male and female, through training on basic citizen journalism skills and radio techniques;

·         Disseminating information and data mapping: the dissemination of reliable life-saving information on a timely fashion basis, broadcasting info about available assistance and protection services whilst raising awareness on refugees’ rights.



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