05.07.2010 - UNESCO Office in Tashkent

Cultivation of Indigo plant, biotechnology of natural dyes and improving the soil’s ecology


The present manual contains information regarding the areas of distribution
of indigo plant, the history of applying the Indigo natural dye, expertise on its
cultivation in the saline soil and climatic conditions of Uzbekistan, methods of
treatment of this culture, harvesting of high yield of biomass out of it, as well as
the simplest methods of extracting of the paint base under the field conditions.
The present manual is intended to be used by farmers, and it mainly simply
describes the methods of seeding of Indigo plant into the soil, activities on
amelioration of the soil, as well as methods of extracting the paint base from the upper biomass in our degraded lands, i.e. those exposed to the decrease of
productivity and annual salinization.

We hope that the given pamphlet will be also useful for the interested
readers, for those working in this area, for scientific researchers and specialists.
We thank you in advance for your proposals, opinions and shortcomings
ascertained by you.

Download, PDF, English – 2.1 Mb

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