20.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Tashkent

Getting the right angle on HIV and AIDS

© UNESCO,Getting the right angle on HIV and AIDS

On 9-12 December 2013, the UNESCO Tashkent Office, in cooperation with the Republican AIDS Centre and UNAIDS Representative Office in Uzbekistan organized the training on “Coverage of HIV issues in the mass-media of Uzbekistan” in Tashkent. The training aimed to raise awareness and improve the quality of media coverage on the HIV and AIDS issues.


UNESCO works around the world to implement programmes that are global in scope, but are also adapted to the needs and specific contexts of Member States. By working closely with international agencies, governments, and civil society organisations around the world, the Organization works in a context-specific and confronting HIV-related stigma and discrimination within the framework of the UNESCO Strategy for HIV and AIDS and the UNESCO Integrated Strategy to Combat Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, and empowerment of young people by raising awareness and understanding of HIV-related discrimination among young people and promoting youth participation and involvement in HIV- and human rights-related action.

Ms. Lola Islamova, UNESCO's consultant highlighted that during the training participants identified new approaches for improvement of the quality of materials on HIV and AIDS. The participation of people living with HIV from the local NGO "Ishonch va Hayot" and "Kaldirgoch" was crucial for improving the understanding of the problems of people living with HIV among training participants.

Ms Luiza Makhmudova, editor-in-chief of the "Turkeston Press" national news agency, said: "Training was full of unexpected openings, very interesting and useful indeed. I learned a lot about lexical and ethical standards, and the meeting with the activists of "Ishonch va Hayot" allowed to look at the HIV and AIDS from the other side”. "Some of presented journalists, including me, had misconceptions about HIV and people living with HIV. I realized it during the training and saw how journalists have changed their attitudes towards people living with HIV. Journalists largely determine public opinion, so it will be important to conduct such kind of trainings in the future", noted Lobar, journalist of the State TV and Radio Company of Uzbekistan.

“I really liked the training. Communication with the representative of UNAIDS in Uzbekistan and with members of the society "Ishonch va Hayot" was a great discovery for me. And I would like to note the work of competent media trainers who were considerate and very well lead us to balanced conclusions, helped to think creatively and find fresh solutions to this heavy questions” – concluded Bakhtiyor, journalist and one of the training participants.

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