13.09.2011 - UNESCO Office in Tashkent

ICT in Inclusive Education training workshop

ICT in Inclusive Education training workshop

UNESCO Tashkent office in cooperation with Intel and Ministry of Public Education is organized weekly training workshop on 22-26 August, 2011 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for teachers and education methodologists in special need education to pilot ICTs in inclusive child centered learning. UNESCO Tashkent office kindly invited Mr. Gwang-Jo Kim Director of Asia Pacific Regional Bureau of UNESCO to deliver a lecture on UNESCO’s role and interventions for technological solutions and innovative approaches for improving quality of teaching and learning in special need education.

Some key notes of the lecture included:“ICTs can play important role for reaching unreached, improving the quality of learning, and providing the access to global knowledge. Via communication technologies, children with different impairments will have an opportunity to access to the rich knowledge, to develop competitive 21st century’s skills, and to get socialized. However, without good teachers who facilitate and catalyze all these, ICTs become useless tool. Therefore, teacher education and teacher policies are important elements for improving quality of education, and reaching the unreached. In many countries where incentives for teachers are well in place, quality of education comparably higher, school graduates are more competitive for 21st century market, which directly correlates to the wellbeing of nation.”

Teachers/training participants appreciated UNESCO’s teacher education programs and donation of 60 CMPCs in cooperation with Intel for special need boarding schools.

Training was organized at the premises of the Republican Center for Social Adaptation of Children of Uzbekistan. This center is specialized to provide psycho-social and physical rehabilitation for children with different disabilities, consultations for parents and education for children with disabilities. Guided tour is held around the center’s premises and facilities, specialized rooms skills development and treatment.

By Bakhtiyor Namazov
UNESCO Tashkent

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