11.04.2017 - UNESCO Office in Tashkent

India – Dhruv Ghanekar's Jazz Band

©UNESCO,India – Dhruv Ghanekar's Jazz Band

Dhruv Ghanekar is a composer, producer and highly respected guitarist based in Mumbai, India. He has performed at many leading festivals around the world as leader of his band Dhruv. He represents music from various parts of India and marries them with eclectic international influences from all over the world.  He balances his time scoring music and performing his funky brand of Jazz and Indian sound, the world over.

He recently produced an entire episode for the Coke Studio in India, which received a sensational response as it showcased his musical influences that ranged from Indian Classical & Folk music, Jazz, Pop, Spanish Flamenco, African to Balkan and Electronica.

He recently won two GIMA Awards for the Best Song and for the Best Fusion album.

For the invitations for concert, please call 244 40 23 (State Conservatory). We look forward to seeing you there!

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