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Irina Bokova: "Jazz Brings People, Cultures and the World Together"

"Jazz Brings People, Cultures and the World Together"

Sergei Gilyov’s jazz club in Tashkent marked the first International Day of Jazz

Starting from May 2008, when the 40th anniversary of the first Tashkent jazz festival was fabulously marked on the stage of the Turkiston Palace, such festivals have become a tradition. The announcement of April 30 the International Day of Jazz by the United Nations and UNESCO was the occasion for the next concert.

The first International Day of Jazz was celebrated by Uzbek enthusiasts of the 'music of boundless creativity’ on the stage of the Great Hall of the State Conservatoire of Uzbekistan on May 6, the 44th anniversary of the first national festival. The participants and guests were welcomed by executive secretary of the national commission for UNESCO in Uzbekistan Alisher Ikramov, who read the message by the Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova. “Born in the United States, jazz belongs to the world. Rooted in African traditions, and based on European music, it has acquired new forms in cultures throughout the world. Jazz makes up the greatest diversity of the world, easily crossing borders and uniting peoples.”

The whole spectacular evening in the conservatoire was permeated with unifying principles, filled with the magic of jazz, ‘the sounds of a quickening heartbeat, bated breath, and a sudden smile’, as the critic John Fordham defined this music.

Uzbek jazz is unique in its style, which was once again demonstrated by the musicians, both veterans of the national jazz bands Reg-Time-Trio, Maxim.uz, Brothers Safarovs and Friends, Tashkent, Nuroniy, Caravan, the pianist Eduard Musaelyan, and his young followers, the young talents from the Children's Road to Jazz studio established by Vasiliy Uporov under Uspensky’s music school (the Republican Specialized Music Academic Lyceum), Gliere’s Music School, and an amazing 11-year-old singer Sabina, a granddaughter of Bulat Mustaev, whose saxophone can not be mixed up with any other ... The Bukhoro ensemble Silk Road with its ethnic tunes and a singer Verina Edwards, who performed the half-forgotten Qiz-bola brought a special flavor in the concert. It is impossible for forget the amazement of musicians of the Illinois jazz orchestra, who arrived in Tashkent in 1969 and were astounded by the jazz potential of the Uzbek national musical instruments and melodies!

In conclusion, let us again turn to the words of the Bulgarian Irina Bokova: "The International Day of Jazz will be marked by concerts throughout the world. Each of those concerts will bring the capacity of jazz to human dignity, respect and peace."

By Alisher Daniyarov, UT

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