25.03.2013 - UNESCO Office in Tashkent

UNESCO supports the development of Uzbekistan’s Education Sector Plan

© UNESCO,UNESCO supports the development of Uzbekistan’s Education Sector Plan

From 25 to 29 March 2013, UNESCO’s Office in Tashkent, in close cooperation with the Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok, will hold a seminar to support the revision and improvement of the draft Education Sector Plan of Uzbekistan.

The first sectoral plan in Uzbekistan was drafted in view of the country’s application for membership in the Global Partnership for Education. In January 2013, UNESCO and the EU conducted an appraisal of the Education Sector Plan (ESP) on behalf of Uzbekistan’s Development Partner Group. The appraisal welcomed the preparation of the ESP as a substantial step forward in comprehensive education sector planning for Uzbekistan and the basis for further development and sector-wide consultation with all stakeholders. However, it also identified some areas for further improvement of the ESP, and put forward a series of recommendations for building a credible Education Sector Plan of Uzbekistan for 2013-2017 and ensuring its successful implementation.

The 5-day technical workshop will bring together representatives of the Ministry of Public Education, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education, and the Ministry of Finances to work on the parts of the Education Sector Plan concerning education policy analysis and resource projections, including data/cost analysis, resource simulation/projections, as well as indicators for monitoring and evaluation.





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