Quality of Education

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"We should always remember that our school children get accustomed to the most innovative educational and information technology, so that they should be able to shape necessary skills for perfectly positioning themselves in the dynamic developing technological world" – Jorge Ivan Espinal, UNESCO Representative in Uzbekistan

Enhancing quality of education is a constant process, and it shall remain as one of the the top priories of the government. Moreover, education system shall be flexible enough to response efficiently to the conditions of the 21stcentury’s knowledge economy in order to prepare young generation for challenging future. Therefore, it is essential to help students in developing the intellectual skills on higher order of thinking for broad realization of their potentials.

Within its core functions, such as: laboratory of ideas, standard-setter, clearing house, capacity builder andcatalyst for international cooperation, UNESCO is playing crucial role in ensuring access to quality education for all in Member States. 

As such, the overarching objective of the UNESCO’s Education Sector’s Program as a whole is attaining quality education for all. Thisobjective is pursued through two major strategies: firstly by strengthening UNESCO’s global lead and coordination role for EFA (Education for All) and MDGs (Millennium Development Goal) and secondly by assisting the Member States to develop policies, capacities and tools for quality education for all and lifelong learning for sustainable development.
The role of UNESCO in the field of Education in Uzbekistan is twofold: one is to assess and respond to the emerging needs, specified in the National Program for Personnel Training and in currently active national programs and strategies of the country.Particularly, UNESCO Tashkent is providing technical advice for policy making and strengthening capacities of teachers for quality education and lifelong learning. Secondly, it is continuing to facilitate the country to participate in global initiatives, such as, EFA, Education for Sustainable Development, and is promoting the ministries of education of Uzbekistan to contribute to and to benefit from international cooperation and exchange. Particular attention is drawn to the implementations of MDGs in the context of country priorities as pointed out by His Excellency, Mr. IslomKarimov, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, at the UN General Assembly held on September, 2010 in New York, the USA.

Both tasks are fulfilled not only by UNESCO Tashkent office, though UNESCO Tashkent office takes the lead and coordinates the cooperation, but are also undertaken with cooperation and technical inputs from UNESCO Headquarters in Paris and its Regional Bureau for Education in Bangkok along with UNESCO’s specialized institutions globally.

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