20.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Tehran

Expert Meeting in Tehran to Meet Changes in Terms of Literacy, 16 December 2013

Literacy Movement Organization (LMO) together with Iranian National Commission (IR NatCom) and UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office (UTCO) hold an one day Expert Meeting on “The Advancements of the IR of Iran in Basic Education, with Emphasis on Achieving the UN Goals in Education by 2015: Challenges, Achievements and Future Prospect” on 16 December 2013 in Tehran. The Meeting is to serve as a platform for all national stakeholders in basic education and literacy to evaluate activities and progress made and to plan the future agenda of education with a critical look in view of the specifications of literacy in the 21stcentury and in line with the needs of the learning and knowledge societies. Around 30 participants from related Ministries including Education, Health, Culture, Labor; Educational Institutions; Policy-makers, Officials, and planners from the I.R of Iran Parliament, Presidential Office and Head of UNICEF in Iran get together to examine the situation.

Mr. Hiranand Purkait the Officer in Charge of UTCO, in his opening speech, emphasized on the importance of the literacy worldwide referring to UN General Assembly 68th  session of October 2013 and the discussion on the “Social development United Nations Literacy Decade”, which encourages the Member States to further utilize innovative information and communications technology solutions to address the needs of marginalized groups, including girls and persons with disabilities, among others. It also recognizes the importance of continuing to implement national programmes and measures to eliminate illiteracy worldwide, enhancing further political and financial commitments, in particular for youth and adult literacy and non-formal education.

It further calls upon all Governments to develop reliable measures of literacy and generate data that are comparable across time and disaggregated by age, sex, disability, socio economic status and other relevant factors.

Mr Purkait pointed out that the General Assembly requested UNESCO to reinforce its coordinating and catalyzing role in the fight against illiteracy, and also called upon the Director General of UNESCO to continue the process of elaborating a literacy vision and agenda for the post-United Nations Literacy Decade period, in consultation with Member States and development partners to ensure a successful global multi-stakeholder partnership.

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