Communication & Information

The Communication and Information (CI) programme of the UNESCO Office in Tehran (UTCO) was established in 2005. Regional initiatives in support of media capacity building and access to information were initiated in 2006. 

The objective of the CI Sector programme is to promote:

  • The free flow of ideas and universal access to information
  • Quality journalism, pluralism and cultural diversity through the media
  • Access for all to ICTs

Areas of intervention:

The Office promotes the use of media to address development issues and to support a culture of peace and active citizenship. In order to help creating an enabling communication environment, the Office shares best practices and provides support to professionals and institutions working in the communication and information sector. 

Among the activities implemented by the Office are: 

  • the organization of training sessions and seminars on the media's role in addressing social challenges, such as migration, cultural diversity and narcotics and HIV/AIDS; 

  • the organization of a regional workshop on the role the media in protecting cultural heritage and fighting illicit transfer of ownership of movable cultural heritage; 

  • capacity building programmes aimed at young people for TV programme production on HIV/AIDS issues; 

  • the exploration of social and economic impacts of the use of ICT for the rural population, and the establishment of partnerships to promote access to information to disadvantaged groups in Iran. 
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