Africa Department

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In 1996 the Africa Department (AFR) was given the mandate to “coordinate the full range of UNESCO’s cooperation with African Member States, African IGOs and NGOs, and with the bilateral partners and multilateral bodies that implement similar programmes for Africa which are related or complementary to UNESCO’s”. It is “responsible for the liaison, coordination and mobilization needed within the Secretariat to ensure that the priority assigned to the African region is reflected in all programmes”. This mandate was confirmed and reinforced in

The Africa Department ensures that the major programmes use the updated forwardlooking analyses and studies, enabling them to attain results and have an impact in the field. AFR also ensures contributions from Africa to global reports prepared by the Organization. Similarly, the Africa Department and the field offices work with partners in the field, UNESCO chairs and category 2 centres to further mobilize human and institutional resources.

As regards coordination and strengthening of cooperation with Member States, African IGOs and NGOs and bilateral and multilateral partners, the Africa Department ensures that all the permanent delegations, particularly those representing African States, are also regularly consulted and informed of changes and developments in Africa through forward-looking analyses and studies, including the new challenges to be faced. It works closely with field offices, in particular for the collection and analysis of data on Africa, the identification of new needs and rapprochement with specialized institutions, governments and their partners, the private sector and civil society.

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