Missions of the Africa Department

The Africa Department (AFR) is entrusted with the following core tasks:

  • Institutional and intersectoral coordination of Global Priority Africa and of related reports and major initiatives, in close cooperation with all Secretariat entities in charge of designing, implementing and monitoring Priority Africa;
  • Focal point for UNESCO’s relations with the African Member States, the African Union and Africa’s Regional Economic Communities, in close consultation with programme sectors, the UNESCO Liaison Office in Addis Ababa and the field offices concerned; AFR will also ensure that due account is taken of the governments’ visions of regional integration in maintaining relations with African Member States;
  • in the context of the reform of the UNESCO field network in Africa, support for the five multisectoral regional offices and the category 1 institutes active in the region, bolstered by a mechanism for regular consultation between field offices and Headquarters;
  • coordination of future-oriented thinking on Africa, in particular by organizing forwardlooking meetings at the end of each biennium to set/confirm priorities, with the participation also of representatives and experts from other regions;
  • better integration of UNESCO into regional United Nations mechanisms in Africa, ensuring, in particular, that the multisectoral regional offices cooperate technically and financially in existing mechanisms;
  • support to the Directors and Heads of field offices in Africa in their functions as Representative to Member State(s), providing advice and guidance as necessary.
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