Search tool on Culture entry points in UNDAFs

This search tool comprises a comprehensive database on the inclusion of cultural elements in United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks (UNDAFs). 267 UNDAFs from 124 countries covering the period 1998-2016 and published on the UNDG website (as of November 2011) were analyzed.

Each search result specifies how culture was included in the strategic planning document ('culture entry'), the thematic pillar of the UNDAF under which the reference was made, the relevant UN partners listed, and the exact formulation of the reference to culture in the UNDAF document.

To facilitate your search, results can be narrowed down by geographical scope, UNDAF thematic pillar, culture entry (culture area and/or transversal dimension of culture) and UN partners.

The results of the search are provided in the original language of the UNDAF document as published on the UNDG website.