UNESCO Office Staff Directory

Ms. Marie Paule Roudil, Director of Office and UNESCO Representative to the United Nations in New York
E-mail: mp.roudil(at)unesco.org

Ms. Dela Kouta-Lopatey, Assistant to the Director
E-mail: d.kouta-lopatey(at)unesco.org
Phone: +1 917 810 9036

Ms. Lily Gray, Senior Liaison Officer
E-mail: l.gray(at)unesco.org

Mr. Ricardo de Guimarães Pinto, Liaison Officer
E-mail: r.de-guimaraes-pinto(at)unesco.org

Ms. Paulette O'Sullivan, Senior Administrative Assistant
E-mail: p.osulivan(at)unesco.org
Phone: +1 917 810 9035

Ms. Hellin Brink, Consultant
E-mail: h.brink(at)unesco.org

Ms. Alina Kirillina, Consultant
E-mail: a.kirillina(at)unesco.org

Street Address:

2, United Nations Plaza                                                                                    DC2-900
New York, NY 10017
United States of America

E-mail: newyork(at)unesco.org

Phone: +1 917 810 9030


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