Heritage and Creativity for the Sustainable Development Goals

The acknowledgement of culture as an enabler and as a driver of sustainable development has been of the utmost importance, as culture could be understood not only as heritage or as a provider of identity, but as a dynamic and crosscutting contributor to the three dimensions of sustainable development. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development contained the references to culture both in the chapeau and in the targets, including a standalone target on the protection and safeguarding of the world’s cultural and natural heritage under the sustainable cities goal. Building-up on it, the General Assembly adopted the resolution A/RES/70/214 on Culture and Sustainable Development that features culture’s  role in fostering innovation and creating jobs through cultural, creative and touristic industries, as well as its potential for transforming our patterns of sustainable consumption and production.

With the Sustainable Development Goals in place, the members of the Group of Friends for culture and development continue to work together in endorsing a clear message that culture is pivotal for human development.

In the field of culture, the work of UNESCO Office in New York focuses on the promotion of cultural heritage and creativity as critical enablers and drivers of sustainable development, as well as their contribution to peace and security.  It further supports discussions around the issues of return and restitution of cultural property to the country of origin as reflected in the General Assembly resolution A/RES/7o/76 on the same topic.

In this context, UNESCO Office in New York acts as an advocate for close collaboration between policy-makers, cultural heritage conservationists and civil society.

For more information contact: Lily Gray, Liaison Officer, l.gray(at)unesco.org


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