Science Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development

As highlighted in a number of international and intergovernmental forums, including most recently, in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, science, technology and innovation (STI) are the cornerstones of a successful transition towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. Many countries have experienced first-hand the transformative power of science, technology and innovation. The key question now is how we can harness this power for the benefit of all people, particularly for the most marginalized and vulnerable?

With the Sustainable Development Goals covering a wide range of environmental, social and economic issues, evidence-based decisions will have to be informed by the best available knowledge. Strengthening the science-policy-society interface and ensuring the continuity of science policy dialogue in all areas of sustainable development is therefore imperative for all countries and at all levels.

In the field of science, the work of UNESCO Office in New York covers two broad areas – promoting science, technology and innovation as critical drivers of sustainable development and using science to manage the environment in a sustainable way, including the ocean, freshwater and biodiversity.

In this context, UNESCO Office in New York acts as an advocate for the dialogue between scientists, policy-makers and civil society. For more information contact: Ana Persic, Science Specialist, a.persic(at) 

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